I took me 30 years to finally decide to get a tattoo, and oh boy, I’m so glad I did!

I’m not the most tattooed person in the world, but I love the ones I have. They make me feel like I’m finally getting to my truest self – tattoos can really show who you are and are a part of your expression.

If you’re a tattoo virgin, it’s easy to get really scared about getting one – OMG is it gonna hurt? What if I can’t handle it? And what if I scream like a dying elephant?

Yeap, tattoos can hurt, but how much depends on the placement and your personal pain threshold. Some people handle pain better than others, so it’s important for you to know what your limits are. I don’t think I tolerate pain well, but I haven’t really suffered through any of my tattoos to the point of thinking about asking the artist to stop – so if I was fine, you’ll be fine as well!

As for the placement, it is true that some parts of the body can hurt more than others – so bear that in mind and LISTEN TO YOUR ARTIST! If this is your first tattoo, be careful where you decide to have it and listen in case the artist you choose disencourages you from getting it where you want. Ribs for example, of any place with a lot of muscle or bones will hurt more than other “soft spots”. In general, the feeling is similar to draging a knife of any pointy object on your skin, enough to hurt, but not enough to cut through it.

My first one was on my left wrist.

It has the words “still here” in my own handwriting. The wrist is not a very good place to start for two reasons: the skin in that area is more sensitive and as it is a place in which the skin moves a lot, tattoos in this area tend to fade faster than others. It never fades completely, obviously, however sometimes a touch up is necessary, specially if your design is made of thin lines.

My second one was on my right arm, right below the shoulder.

I love music more than everything, so I had to have a tattoo dedicated to it somehow. This place on the arm doesn’t hurt much, it’s way better than the wrist.

Another tip is: the bigger, the more colourful it is, the more shades it has, the more it hurts, so if you’re thinking about getting your first tattoo: start small, if possible with no shades or colours. It’s better for you to get used to the level of pain. Having a big and colourful design for the first time may not be a good idea!

My third one is a lotus flower in between my breats. I couldn’t take a good picture of it, I may update this post later, if I get one.

So far, this region in my chest, in between the breasts was the one that hurt the most. Sometimes I had to hold my breath to endure it. I don’t recommend! haha

And the most recent one was on my left shoulder, below the cleavage bone.

It was the first to have a bit of colour (there are some white stars) and shading. For the shades, the artist uses 3 needles at the same time, so it’s a different kind of pain. It was fine for the most part. I need to go back for a touch up this month.

It has the horse form DeftonesWhite Pony cover album. Deftones if one of my favourite bands ever and I just had to get something of them tattoed. It also has the phrase “RX Queen“, which is one the tracks on this same album. I call myself RX Queen.

For the first tattoo you get:

  • make sure to ressearch the artist, before you choose one. It should be a trustworthy one as tattoos can go really wrong and become a nightmare;
  • take a look at their portfolio to see if they do the style you’re thinking of. Different artists will have different styles and some are specialized in certain styles;
  • choose a small design with no colours or shades;
  • be careful of the placement in your body, avoid bony and muscled areas;
  • follow the aftercare advice given by your artist. Tattoos can get infected if you don’t take proper care of them (TRUST ME, YOU DON’T WANT THAT!). In general the advice is to wash it frequently on the first days and apply a moisturizing cream (there are some specially for tattoos). You have to be careful with what you eat as well, avoiding greasy dishes and sea food, for example.

I LOVE seeing myself with my tattoos, it did wonders to my self steem and I regret not getting them earlier!

Do you have tattoos? How many? Do they have a special meaning to you? Tell me in the comments!


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