How did I start with music?

Later than I should have, to be honest. I remember being involved with arts in general since a little girl, but not exactly with music.

Fact is, I used to dance balltet when I was a child. I spent long years dancing, even though I wasn’t really passionate about that (my mom was). Anyway, the first time I remember singing I was probably 6 or 7 – it was at a local church I used to go.

I believe that I wasn’t an impressive singer at 6 – “who is?” you may ask, but there are many children that sound quite good at this age, but that obviously wasn’t my case. I guess that’s the reason why no one from my family thought about taking me to singing/music lessons and for many years no one would say anything about me singing again.

I have always liked music, but it wasn’t until my 11-12 years of age that I developed a real passion for that – it happened when I finally got into rock music.

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