I have always loved A Nightmare Before Christimas. No goth dislikes this movie which is one of Tim Burton‘s best.

One of the most loved characters, for sure, is Sally, an insecure and very sensible ragdoll who loves the Halloween king Jack Skellington, but is too afraid to confess her love. She is the only one in Halloweentown to notice how disastruous Jack’s Christimas plan is and tries to warn him.

For this vocal cover, I did my best to mimic a doll voice, sweet and insecure. This song is a lament, a venting poem, from a person who loves too much and worries, but has no idea what to do next to avoid the worst and doesn’t have much hope for the future.

What are your thoughts on my performance?

What is your favourite character from A Nightmare Before Christimas?

XOXO – see you soon!

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