My name is Erica (really?). I’m a simple girl, living in São Paulo, Brazil, who is passionate about music and in special heavy metal. 

I’ve already had many blogs, focusing on a myriad of different things. This time my only objective is to connect with people that like what I write and to share whatever I feel might be useful for “the others” like me.


This is really special to me. I’ve always had the feeling that someting was reeeeally wrong with me. I was dark, weird, I liked weird stuff and somehow just didn’t fit in any sort of group.

I’ve never had many friends, I would spent most of my time alone as I grew up, in my room drawing and writing weird shit.

Nowadays, all I can say is that “it wasn’t just a phase”, I’m still the same strange person – the difference is that I learned to accept who I am and the dark corners of my mind. When I stopped struggling to be “a grown up”, like everybody else, was when I was finally able to love myself.

If you are an “other” – you are welcome here.

You know what is really important?

Doing whatever keeps you alive.

Alive and well – that is.

That’s why I started to blog again, after some years basically away from everything that made me feel living was worth the pain. This blog is who I am in categories. 

I’m a girl (duh), so I’m really interested in everything even remotely girly – like fashion and makeup. Beauty and selfcare are two topics I love talking about. Other interests are geek stuff, such as games and entertainment in general.

Bad decisions, that's alright. Welcome to my silly life.

Fuckin' Perfect - Pink

But what really moves me is music. I’ve tried everything to let go of it – but the result was a complete disaster. I’ve developed a severe depression because I forced myself to have a lifestyle that was simply not for me.

So I’m here to write a detailed account of my foolish mistakes to maybe help you, dear visitor, not to do the same to yourself. I’m not saying I know everything, or that I can actually help anyone – my purpose is to create a space where people can relate and not feel so alone anymore.

If you feel mistreated, torn and cheated, you are not alone. We are the others.

We Are The Others - Delain