My name is Erica

I’m a 30-year-old Brazilian girl living in SP. 
I’m small in general, with some big dreams that involve travelling, music, probably cold weather, loads of chick flicks and heavy metal.
I’ve been working as an English teacher for 9 years now, I sing in a metal band, I’m taking classical singing lessons and trying to learn to play the piano at the same time.
Game lover, romance addict and makeup geekie.

How did I start with music?

Later than I should have, to be honest. I remember being involved with arts in general since a little girl, but not exactly with music. Fact is, I used to…

We are

Inspired by a Delain song, about a trully sad real life story, a decided I wanted to try and connect guys and girls from the heavy metal world.
In a way, music means more to us than basically everybody else, to the point it influences who we are.
If you have ever felt hated, ignored, mistreated for being who you are – you’re not alone.


This is a prejudice-free zone!

If you're the kind of person who says "this is not real/good music!", "I hate this band" and other stuff like that - YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!